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Texas concealed handgun class | LoneStar Handgun

A Disabled Veteran Owned Company

Hours: Mon- Sat 9-6pm, Fri 9-7pm
Phone: 210-745-2956

Competition / Events

SilencerCo Run and Gun


Suppressor Run-N-Gun

On 16 September 2017 we will be holding the first all suppressed Multi-Gun event. You just need to register and show up to shoot, as we will be providing the suppressed firearms and ammunition! We will have 4 stages where you will shoot the following SilencerCo products- Maxim 9 integrated suppressed pistol, MP5  machine gun w/ Octane suppressor, M4 carbine w/ Saker suppressor, Semi-auto shotgun w/Salvo suppressor, .308 bolt gun w/ Omega suppressor and.22 Pistol w/ Sparrow suppressor. Limited spots available and the cost is $50 which includes the use of the firearms and ammuntion for the stages, no holsters or mag pouches are necessary. We have a morning session from 9-1pm (Full) and a 3-6pm. Register here.




     Rifle Run & Gun     Pistol Run & Gun     3 Gun Run & Gun

Run & Gun Events

Come out and practice your shooting skills at our monthly run and gun!  Cost for the event is $20 for each participant and spectators are free. For Rifle events bring a centerfire semi-auto rifle and at least 120 rounds of ammunition (no steel core), spare magazine, optional sling, optional magazine carrier/ pouches. For Pistol events bring a .380 or greater handgun and spare magazine with outside the waistband holster and at least 150 rounds of ammunition. For the 3 Gun/ Multi-Gun events bring a rifle and handgun as stated above and/ or a shotgun with at least 50 rounds of birdshot. Generally we have 3-5 stages of fire and you complete all these stages in about an about 3 hours. Majority of the stages are shoot and move with reactive steel targets and paper from 7-100yds.  REGISTER HERE


LoneStar Handgun Airsoft Field Official Rules:

All Players must sign a waiver to play. Waivers will be available at check in.
Players under 18 must have a guardian complete the waiver before entering the field. If multiple players arrive with a guardian, that guardian may sign responsibility for all players.

No players under 12 years old allowed.


All guns will be checked with BB’s supplied by LoneStar Handgun.

FPS Limits:

All AEG’s must chrono at or below;

350 fps with .20 BB’s for SMG/Pistol/Shotgun, No Minimum Engagement Distance

400 fps with .20 BB’s for Rifleman, 20ft MED

450 fps with .20 BB’s for Support Gunners and DMR’s, 50ft MED

550 fps with .20 BB’s for Sniper Bolt Action, 100ft MED


HPA’s will be measured with Joules instead of fps. All HPA guns must chrono at;

1.14j with a .30 gram BB for SMG/Pistol No Minimum Engagement Distance

1.55j with a .30 gram BB for Rifleman 20ft MED

1.86j Support Gunners and DMR 50ft MED

3.6j Snipers Bolt Action 100ft MED

SMG’s must have a folding or wire stock, or no stock, and be under 19 inches with the stock folded. No full auto under 20ft.
Support and sniper weapons must be accurate in appearance, an M4 is not a DMR. An AK with a box mag is not a support weapon.

All regulators will be zip tied and sealed.

Rate of fire should be somewhat realistic. No 30+ bb’s a second or Support Weapons that dump a full box mag with one trigger pull. This rule is more for safety than realism.

All players can Medic other players. Each player will carry 2 Bandages on them. Once a player is hit, the player has a 5 minute bleed out. If another player reaches the hit player before 5 minutes, he is to take one bandage and tie or wrap it around the players arms or legs. A player can medic 2 times. When the player is hit a 3rd time they will wait 5 minutes and return to the nearest respawn.


Allowed grenade types – Sound/simulated flash grenade (“Thunder Bee” type), BB grenade (“Tornado” type)

Grenades cannot be thrown over the wall of a building. They may only be thrown underhanded through a window or doorway.

NO pyrotechnics or flame of any type

Kill zone (all grenades) – 20ft radius, equivalent to a small room


Biodegradable BB’s are required.

.20 gram minimum BB weight

Glass, steel, or other exotic BB’s are strictly prohibited


All players will have FULL SEALING ballistic eye protection (ANSI Z Rated) at all times on the field. Masks, mouth guards, and balaclava are highly recommended. (Regular Prescription glasses used as eye pro are not authorized). NO MESH EYE PRO ALLOWED PERIOD.
Lower face protection is mandatory for those under 18. Examples: mesh mask, iron face, paintball mask, and mouth guard.

Red dead rags are required.


Semi-auto fire only inside CQB areas.

Fully automatic fire is permitted outdoors or from inside a building ONLY if the player’s barrel is OUTSIDE of the structure.

A player may fire full auto into a building but only if the player and weapon are completely outside of the structure.

No “parlay” or “bang” rules. If either are offered to the player, he is not required to accept.

All body hits count, including friendly fire.

Hits on a player’s weapon do not count.


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